Saturday, 13 January 2018

Out of Time

Let's hope 'Penelope' goes down well, or she might find herself locked out of the house like that!


  1. In my early youth I experienced many such experiences. I couldn't wait until I was left alone in the house for an hour or more. It was pure excitement. At times I thought my heart would beat so loudly that that anyone else could hear it too. I never got caught but a few times it was close.

    This cap, while not identical to my experience, vividly reminded me of my past. You've done it once again! You've touched my heart! Thank you for stirring those memories!


  2. Another Lovely caption with a slow build-up and beautiful detail.
    I imagine many of us had a close call, though I never had a Sister from whom to borrow age appropriate clothing.

  3. Hopefully dressed ins such a lovely dress and lingerie you wife will embrace your feminine side. Or, I wish my wife would when I dress like this.

  4. I was caught by my best friends sister when I was 14. She never told anyone, but she did dress me occasionally. Once at Halloween and a couple times just for kicks when no one was around. I miss her.