Thursday, 10 June 2010

I: James' Crossdressing Fantasies

Chapter One: The Transformation

"So James, are you ready to get started?"

I could hardly believe my luck. Just days ago I finally told Kate my secret. I sat her down and told her straight about how I loved girl's clothes and the feel of them when I wore them. At the time she had quietly nodded and listened; there was no outburst, no anger or disgust. In fact, there wasn't anything at all. She just sat there quietly and let me pour my heart out, then hugged me and walked away. I assumed that was it; she had accepted my secret but had no desire to be a part of it.

But that all changed this morning. I was softly awoken by Kate and greeted with an unusual "Morning, sexy!". As I slowly came to my senses I heard her whisper in my ear, "how would you like to be a girl for the day!?" Without another word, she hauled me out of bed and led me to the bathroom. We had showered together before, but this time she had other things in mind! Once the shower was nice and warm she produced a razor, and she winked at me before crouching down and getting to work on my legs. Part of me was terrified about how I would explain this to anyone that noticed, but the far larger part of me was incredibly excited and wanted to see where this was leading!

After a long and unforgettable shower, Kate disappeared into the bedroom whilst I dried myself off. My underwear was nowhere to be seen, and as I made my way into the bedroom my jaw dropped. Spread all over the bed were the sorts of clothes I had only ever dreamed of! How was this happening? I had been so sure Kate's reaction was to take a back seat in all this, but now here I was; her standing opposite me with all manner of girly things spread over the bed, offering to spend the afternoon making me over. What had I done to deserve this girl!?

"Lookin' good girl! Your legs look smooooth." I felt myself blushing hard as she approached me. "How does that feel?" She asked, slowly working her hand up my newly shaven legs. I was shocked by how smooth they felt when just moments ago they had been covered in hair. Then she handed me a pair of red panties.

"Let's get that covered up," she said, looking pointedly between my legs. "Every woman needs a reliable pair of panties!"

If I was red before I felt like my face was on fire now. I meekly stepped into the garment and pulled them up, tucking myself in so everything fit snugly. Kate smiled and guided me into a chair at the front of the room. I was sat at a small desk with a mirror and a vanity case on the side. "Now, if you want this to work you're going to have to trust me. Close your eyes," she whispered, "this may take a while."

I sat with my eyes closed as I felt her prodding and dabbing at my face with various different types of cosmetics. I always admired Kate's profession as a stylist and make-up artist. She always made her customers look and feel so beautiful. Even so... what could she do with me? I'm a guy. Make-up can't cover that up, can it?

I felt Kate applying a generous amount of lipstick to my lips. Then, without warning, she started plucking my eyebrows. Ouch!

"Sit still!" She hissed, "it'll take twice as long if you flinch." Once that painful procedure was done, I felt her curling my eyelashes; and she also dabbed something onto my eyelids. The whole thing was surreal - I sat there feeling all manor of things being smothered over my face with no idea what they were or what they looked like. By the end I felt like I was wearing a mask.

"Now, I've had to wash this especially for you and its only had an hour to dry so it might feel a little wet..." Confused, I sat perfectly still as I felt something lowered onto my head. As it pressed down over my hair I felt a wet sensation; and I also felt damp hair running down my back and the sides of my face. I felt hot air from a blow dryer being blown all over the wig; she expertly guided the air to where it was needed until the wig was bone dry. I heard a small thud from the desk before she told me I could open my eyes. I excitedly awaited my reflection as I did so - only to see that she'd turned the mirror face down! "No sneak peeks," she said, "you'll get to see yourself when I'm completely finished." She spun my chair around so I was facing the bed and picked up two fairly large prosthetic breasts. She giggled as she applied some glue to the back of them and thrust them towards me. "Here," she said, "I'll let you choose where these go!"

"But... how will I get them off?" I asked apprehensively. "Oh don't worry, the glue isn't long lasting. And I have this solvent, just in case. Now what did I say about trusting me..." Still nervous, but slightly reassured, I slowly pressed the left breast into my chest. The glue felt cold against my skin, and Kate reached across and held it in place with her hand so I could put the other one on too. I sat like this for 10 minutes, with Kate straddled over me pressing the breasts onto my chest as the glue dried. The only items now left on the bed were clothes; and I was delighted to see amongst them was a silky looking dress that was a bright red colour. Kate first picked up the bra and, knowing I wouldn't be able to put it on myself, she ordered me to stand up so she could attach it from behind.

For a moment everything seemed to go in slow motion. As I looked down at myself I saw a woman's body - slim, completely shaven and wearing nothing but some panties and a bra. With the forms concealed there was no telling that they weren't real breasts - they'd even begun to warm up and feel slightly real!

"OK, time for the main part of the transformation! That dress is brand new; I picked it out especially based on what you... 'like'." I felt myself blushing again as I thought back to the part where I'd told her about my dream of a silky, frilly dress. She smiled at my obvious excitement as I hurriedly held up my arms. Kate approached me and she rolled the dress up slightly before lifting it above my head. I took a deep breath as Kate let go, and felt the garment slide its way down my body. The straps came to an abrupt stop at my shoulders and the skirt danced playfully around my knees.

It was perfect. As Kate tied it up at the back it tightened slightly around my chest, hugging to my body and the fake breasts. I took a step forward and relished the feeling as the dress stroked my legs. I couldn't resist swinging my hips a little - this was even better than I had imagined! I heard Kate lifting the mirror up behind me. The moment of truth. I don't know why, but I was dreading this part. As I turned around I imagined the look of a badly made-up guy in a dress and it made me cringe.

But Kate was right when she told me to trust her. Standing in the reflection of the mirror was a tall, attractive woman. My face looked completely feminine; I was wearing mascara and deep red lipstick as well as having curled eyelashes and slightly blushed-looking cheeks. My newly plucked eyebrows were thin and extremely feminine. My hair was a deep brown and, now dry, it flowed right down to my shoulders where it sat, partially obscuring the straps of my dress. My body looked amazing in the dress - from my large breasts it hugged my slim physique and playfully wrapped around my legs; showing off my smooth, shaven shins. Wow. This was beyond a transformation - it was like a second body!

My girlfriend produced a bottle of wine and poured us both a glass. She handed me one and said, "to your first step of living out your fantasies!" Not quite sure of what this meant, but excited nonetheless, I raised my glass to hers and slowly sipped the wine until it was empty. Kate just watched and smiled, and we sat there in silence enjoying the results of her latest project. After I finished my glass, Kate took my hand.

"You might want to sit down," she advised. As I moved over to the bed I started feeling groggy; my eyes were drooping as I struggled to stay focused on the image of my girlfriend stroking my face and gazing at me with her beautiful brown eyes.

"Wh- what's..."
"Shhhh" she whispered. As I slowly lost consciousness the reality of the situation hit me.

'Must... stay awake. Can't... let anyone see me... like........'

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