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IV: James' Crossdressing Fantasies

Chapter 4: The Talk

"You might wanna take off those heels of yours, they really start to kill after a while. Make yourself comfortable, I'm just going to use the bathroom quickly." Kate left the suitcase by the door and expertly tossed off her heels before disappearing into a little en-suite room to the left.

I leaned against the wall to steady myself as I tried to prize off my heels. Ouch, they were on tight! The back of my foot rubbed up against the shoe as I yanked at it, and as it came off I noticed my heel looked quite grazed from its ordeal. I repeated the process with my right foot and, now that they were off, I appreciated what Kate had meant. It was good to be on level ground again, and my feet relished not being squeezed into those deathtraps anymore! I walked towards the bed to examine the hotel room further.

Opposite the en-suite was a small table, and next to it was a large, ornate wardrobe. In the center of the room was a large double bed, with a beautiful cream duvet covered in beads and ribbons. The pillows were of a similar design but were a pale pink colour - this was definitely a girl's room! There were two bedside tables on either side of the bed, and as I approached it I noticed there was also a cabinet in the corner of the room next to the wardrobe, on top of which was a large mirror. I watched my reflection dance closer as I moved towards it; my hair was bouncing around my shoulders and the dress was swishing about my knees in unison with my movements - what a delightful feeling! The material was silky soft and really made me feel feminine - I could walk around like this all day!

I came right up close to the mirror and peered into my made-up face, expecting the illusion to shatter at any moment. Even from this distance I could only just tell it was me - and even then I still looked completely convincing as a girl! I could hardly contain my delight and did a celebratory twirl, revelling in the moment. Forgetting where I was I started to rack my brains for other things I could make my reflection do. I grabbed the sides of my dress and swung my hips, watching as the material wrapped itself around my legs, first to the left, then to the right. Then I backed up towards the bed and flumped down. Hm, that wasn't right. I'd sat on part of the dress. I stood up slightly and ran my hands under myself, smoothing out the skirt as I had often seen Kate do at home. It was like an out of body experience as I watched the girl in the mirror do the same, and afterward she sat there patiently awaiting my next move. Here I was "watching" this beautiful woman and I could make her do whatever I wanted!

I started to pose a bit in front of the mirror - I pouted slightly and then threw my hair back, leaning back slightly on the bed. I lifted my chest to accentute my breasts and held the pose, watching my chest rise and fall as I breathed. Mesmerised, I sat upright again. I crossed my legs in a feminine way and then started to play with my hair like I'd seen other girls do. I twisted it around in my hands and smiled at the mirror, biting my lip as I did so. As I started to flutter my eyelashes I noticed an amused Kate standing behind me in the reflection.

"My, my! You're really starting to get into this!" Kate stood leaning on the bathroom door, obviously enjoying watching my antics. Ashamed, I quickly uncrossed my legs and put my hands in my lap. How long had she been there? I felt my face flush with shame at the thought of me pouting at the mirror like a little girl.

"Relax, it's okay. I want you to get in touch with your feminine side - that's what this trip's all about!"

She smiled and lifted up the suitcase before making her way over to the bed. She threw it down by the near bedside table and crawled across the duvet to sit beside me.

"Now, I think it's time we talked."

I quietly nodded as Kate took a deep breath and began.

"So first I guess I should come clean. When you first told me your secret my first reaction was of shock. I didn't like the idea of my guy prancing around in feminine clothes. I thought at the time if I didn't say anything that maybe it would go away. I was scared about our relationship, about you, and about what would happen if I confronted you. Does that make sense?"

Again, all I did was nod and let her continue.

"Well, after a few days I could see that you were still the same guy. You were still the James that I knew and loved, and that made me realise that you had probably always had these desires since we first met. It kinda helped put me at ease because I realised that you weren't... changing. You'd made it quite clear that you weren't gay, and that you were happy being a man. But that said, you clearly enjoy being a girl too, right? I saw the way you were prancing around in the mirror... you looked so at home being Emily."

"I-I know... I can't explain it. Being in these clothes just makes me feel so... feminine. I love the way these clothes feel on me but I love even more how it makes me feel about myself. You made me look so pretty and I... wasn't expecting that."

Kate smiled. She reached into her bag and produced a debit card. She handed it to me and watched intently as I examined it. Oh god! The card was in the name of Emily Barton... was this for me?!

"Kate... what is this?"

"It's a debit card, silly. It's set up under your new name - you're a 19 year-old called Emily now!"

"But... I'm not Emily! I mean, I like being her but..."

I felt my eyes welling up as I realised that right now I had no way out of this outfit. Was this the way it was? Was Kate going to make me start a new life as Emily?

"Oh no, don't cry! You're still James. I know this is overwhelming but... this way you can have both."
She squeezed my leg reassuringly. "We'll spend this weekend taking Emily for a spin. I don't want to spoil too much but we'll go out and do a load of girly things together. We'll buy you some outfits, get our nails done... all those things that real girly girls do. After that, we'll go home, and once we're there its up to you where you want to take this. You'll have access to both sets of clothes, the breastforms, everything. You can keep on going to work and living your life as James but whenever you feel like escaping and being Emily for a while, that's fine too!"

I was gobsmacked.

"Wow... how're you being so understanding about this?"

"Oh come on, it's the least I can do! You've always kinda... been there for me, y'know? Whenever I've been worried about something you've always been there to put my mind at rest. Now I finally have the chance to help you with something in return... so I decided if this is your thing, I'm going to make the best of it. Besides, I think it's kinda neat that my boyfriend doubles as a girlfriend who I can take shopping and have girly nights in with! I don't think there are a lot of girls who can say that!"

"I.. I don't even know what to say..."

Kate smiled and stood up. "Well, how about you don't say anything for now. You've got £500 on that card to spend and we've got a whole afternoon to shop! We need to get Emily a whole new wardrobe - cute tops, skirts, dresses... not to mention underwear. The whole nine yards - up for it?"

And so this was it. Kate had plunged me into this female world and had made it quite clear she was happy for me to enjoy it to the full. Bringing out my feminine side even seemed to be making her happy! In spite of this, though, I was hesitant. It wasn't long since I was desperate to get into the privacy of our hotel room - was I really contemplating going outside again?

As I stood up, though, my mind was made up for me. I once again relished the feeling of the dress about my legs and my head was invaded with all kinds of feminine thoughts. What would it feel like to wear tights? Would I look good in a skirt? My god, if one dress made me feel so good about myself I couldn't wait to have a wardrobe full of clothes! The excitement of diving into a world of wonderful women's clothes was too much to pass up.

"Okay! I'll do it!"

Kate smiled and kissed me passionately on the lips. She made her way around the bed to the suitcase and unzipped it. After rummaging around inside I was relieved to see her produce some flat woman's sandals.

"We can't have you breaking your ankles on those things if we're going to be trekking around the shops all day!"

I slipped into the sandals and Kate put her heels back on and stood by the door.

"I'm so glad we're doing this. We're going to get you some beautiful oufits, Emily! I already have a few ideas... this is so exciting!"

She swung open the door and I felt myself physically shaking at the prospect of going back outside; but now it wasn't just nerves. I was about to go and buy all the clothes I'd ever dreamed of and I couldn't wait.

Pouring a new wardrobe

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Department store magic

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III: James' Crossdressing Fantasies

Chapter 3: Hotel Lunch

And so there I was, completely alone and exposed in the front of my girlfriend's car. I took off my seat belt and anxiously looked around the car park to see if anyone else was around. The hotel looked small, and the fact that there were only three other vehicles parked outside reassured me that I might be able to get away with avoiding any human contact. Thankfully it seemed as if there were no people nearby, and after checking all around for the third time I was satisfied that I was alone. I took a deep breath and opened the car door.

I swung my legs out and put my feet on the floor. Using the windshield and open door as support I hoisted myself upright. The dress immediately fell about my shins as I struggled to keep my balance in the heels. I took a nervous step forward, then another, and slammed the car door behind me. Woah. With nothing to hold onto I felt like an ice skater pushing away from the safety of the wall for the first time. Gingerly, I turned to face the car and shuffled my way to the suitcase in the back. With one hand firmly on the side of the car I leaned over the back seats, feeling the dress constricting around my chest as I did so. I quickly grabbed the handle of the suitcase and lifted it, first balancing it on the door before straightening up and letting it drop to the gravel by my feet. Even the simplest of tasks became a chore in this get up!

I heard a noise from behind me and I turned around in time to see a landrover pulling into the hotel. My stomach lurched and I pulled out the handle of the suitcase ready to make a bolt for the hotel. As the landrover approached I was somehow relieved to see it was a woman driving it, but nevertheless I was desperate to get inside. In a heroic effort I started to stride towards the lobby doors, wheeling the suitcase quickly behind me. With every step I took I could feel myself close to unbalancing - the suitcase juttered along awkwardly behind me as it rolled along the gravel. Miraculously, I managed to get inside the hotel lobby just as the landrover engine turned off and the woman started to get out into the car park.

The lobby was in keeping with the outer appearance of the hotel - it was compact, with a traditional wooden reception desk and a set of wooden stairs to the right which presumably led to the rooms. To the left there was an open door but from where I was standing I couldn't see inside. Kate was leaned over the reception desk and turned as she heard me come in.

"Ah, here's Emily with our suitcase!"

I froze as the woman at reception made eye contact with me and smiled. 'Emily'? Since when was I called that? I was certain that at any moment the receptionist would see through my disguise. I focused on remembering my reflection, and Kate's words in combination with how good I looked helped to bolster my confidence. I managed a weak smile before quietly joining Kate's right side with the suitcase. I kept expecting to wake up; how could I really be here, in a hotel lobby, dressed like this?! It was all I could manage not to break down into a panic attack.

"Okay, here's your key! You'll be in room number 27; if you go up the stairs to the third floor you'll find it on your left."

Kate grabbed the key and flashed me a wicked smile, before stuffing it into her shoulder bag.

"Thanks, but I think we're going to grab a bite to eat first. Does the bar serve food?"

I barely paid attention to the receptionist's response as I looked over Kate's shoulder to the open door. Above it was a sign which simply read "BAR", and looking through it revealed exactly that. I could make out a wooden bar on the right, complete with bar stools (and barmaids!), and there were tables for eating on the left. Judging from the noise eminating from that direction there were quite a few people in there too; this nightmare seemed to only get worse! The next thing I knew Kate was reaching across my legs for the suitcase.

"Okay, great! I'll leave the suitcase with you and we'll pick it up when we go up to our room."

She yanked it up onto the counter and grabbed my hand. No... we couldn't be going in there! Not wanting to draw attention to myself, I saw no choice but to allow Kate to lead me to the doorway.

"Please, can't we just go to our room!?"
I whispered, eager not to attract attention. "I feel like everyone's looking at me!"

"Well of course you do, hun. You ARE wearing a dress. But trust me, to everyone else here we're just two girls having a meal in a bar, okay?"


Kate pulled me inside and led me around to the left to a small table in the corner. Flustered, I sat down. There were people everywhere! I could see at least two barmaids on duty as well as a couple of guys sat at the bar drinking pints. On the surrounding tables I could see a man and a woman sharing dessert, and on the far side of the room was a woman struggling to eat some lunch whilst at the same time maintaining control over two excitable little girls. Was it lunch time already? I suddenly realised I had no idea what time it was, and a look at the clock above the bar told me it was 1.30pm. With this realisation came another - I was starving! I'd been up since 8 and I hadn't even had a chance to eat breakfast!

"Okay, you sit here and look at the menu and I'll go and get us some drinks."

And with that Kate made her way over to the bar. I envied her confidence, but then again being a girl was the norm for her! I picked up the menu and held it high so as to cover my face from any onlookers. 'Just get through this' I told myself. 'Just make it up to the room and then I can convince Kate to take me home.'

Moments later, Kate returned.

"Heere we go!" She placed two cocktail glasses on the table. The cocktail was a bright reddish pink, and to make matters worse each came complete with a little girly umbrella!

"What the hell is that?" I spluttered.

"This is what us girls drink, silly. I could hardly order you a pint of lager when you're looking so dainty in your little outfit!"

I felt the familiar feeling of my face flushing with embarassment - Kate was clearly enjoying my discomfort. I took a sip from my glass and was surprised at the pleasant fruity taste. Then I remembered what had happened at the reception desk.

"Oh yeah, and since when were you calling me Emily?!"

"What? Don't look at me like that! Would you rather I told everyone your name was James and you're really a guy? You needed a name.... you are going to be here for a weekend, after all!"

She might've been right about that, but still! It wasn't like I had chosen to be out in public like this! Everything felt like it was moving so fast - my first panties, my first dress, my first trip outside... and now I had a name and was in a public bar! It was all so much to process in the short space of a morning.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see the barmaid coming over. Shit! How was I going to order? I had no idea how to talk like a girl!

"And what can I get you two lovely ladies to eat?"

"I'll have the salmon please!"
Kate chirped. As the barmaid scribbled something down I tried to get Kate's attention. I pointed to the menu and widened my eyes, looking intently at her.

"Oh! And Emily here will have the chicken salad... she's on a diet, poor thing!"

"Okay, thanks! The food will be ready in about ten to fifteen minutes. By the way... I LOVE your outfits! Are you two sisters or something? You look very alike."

Kate looked at me the same way she had at the reception desk and I sensed another surprise was coming. "Actually we're um, partners. The outfits were my idea, we're celebrating our first year together!"

"Oh, congratulations! You make a cute couple. I'll bring the food over once it's ready!"

Kate beamed from ear to ear as I quietly looked away. So much for staying below the radar - Kate had just announced that we were a lesbian couple!

"Listen, Kate... what exactly is going on here? Why are you doing all of this?"

"Not now. I'll explain everything once we get to our room, I promise."
She held my hand reassuringly, "don't worry. I'm not going to 'out' you or anything like that. It's just a little adventure we're on together, ok? Try to relax and enjoy yourself!"

Our meal went without a hitch. The barmaid made a few more comments and wished us a pleasant stay, but I found that I was able to almost enjoy the compliments now that I'd relaxed a little bit. Eating my food enabled me to take my mind off of the situation and I was surprised at how natural everything started to feel. Kate finished her food first and disappeared to the lady's room briefly, but I found even being alone didn't bother me so much as long as I occupied myself with my food.

It was about 20 past 2 by the time we'd paid and were back at the hotel lobby, and it felt good to know that we'd soon be out of the public eye and in the privacy of our own room. Kate took the case from the receptionist and I followed her up a steep set of wooden stairs to the third floor. Progress up the stairs was slow - I relied on the full support of the banister as I hobbled up them in my still unfamiliar heels. Kate wasn't much faster, but then she had the case to deal with as well. I found I also had to be careful to lift my dress slightly so as not to step on it - it only came down a bit below the knee but these were really traditional steep stairs!

Finally we reached our floor and in front of us was a narrow corridoor with rooms on either side. Kate put down the case and rolled it behind her, practically skipping her way down the corridoor before stopping in front of a room. She double checked the door number before holding the keys aloft and shaking them in her hands: "This is it! Emily's weekend starts here!" I gulped as she unlocked the door and I followed her and the suitcase inside.

I slammed the door behind me and breathed a sigh of relief at finally being out of public. We'd made it to our hotel room and now Kate had some serious explaining to do.

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Rory awakes to a surprise...

My first attempt at a TG Cap - this is a photo of Jenny Chu. When I stumbled across it it just seemed to be shouting to be tagged...

II: James' Crossdressing Fantasies

Chapter Two: The Journey


As I came round I tried to work out what had happened to me. My eyes were tightly shut as I groggily processed my situation... I must have fallen unconscious. I could feel that I was sitting upright and the cool breeze on my face suggested I was outside. Something was restricting my movement across my chest, and I was vaguely aware of something flapping about my legs. I heard the faint sound of an engine and suddenly the wind intensified, picking up my long hair and flicking it wildly.

'since when did I have... long hair?! Oh God... NO!!' Everything came flooding back to me and with a sense of urgency I squeezed my eyes open.

Shit. I opened my eyes to the sight of a vast motorway stretching out through the windscreen of my girlfriend's top-down convertible. A look down at my lap confirmed my worst fears - I was still wearing the dress I had on when I fell unconscious and it was billowing around my legs. Shit! As I snapped my hands down around my knees to hold it in place I received another shock - my fingers now had long, red nails at the ends of them. Below the skirt of the dress I could see I had two strappy red heels on my feet and similarly painted toenails.

Fully awake now, I turned to my girlfriend, panicked at what was happening. How did I get in her car? Why did she drug me? I tried to speak but my throat was bone dry. When she noticed me all she did was smile coyly, wink, and shout, "You're awake! Y'know, you never did tell me before - how do you like your new look? I made a few additions before we set out - I hope you like them!"

Kate had changed too since she drugged me. She was now wearing a dress identical to mine in a stunning bright blue; she seemed unfazed as the wind toyed with it about her legs, instead staying focused on the road. Her hair had been styled so that it was now slightly curly, and flowed down around her shoulders in a similar brown colour to mine. In fact, everything about her mirrored what I was wearing, from her bright blue nails to the make up she'd applied to her face. Kate noticed me looking her over: "Ooh, do you like it? The dress was on offer and I couldn't let you have all the fun... so I bought one for me, too! Then I had the idea of us wearing matching outfits - how cute is that!?"

How could she be so casual!? I desperately searched for an escape from the situation - some way to regain control or hide from the onseeing eyes surrounding me. Frantically looking around, I realised I didn't even know where I was; I didn't have a phone, or ID, or anything other than what I was wearing. I just wanted to hide; I could feel the wind blowing around my smooth, shaven legs; the material of the dress was brushing over my knees and thighs and made them tingle. Why did Kate have to drive the car without its roof!? I felt so exposed... but somehow I couldn't help being turned on by the situation even though my blood was racing with fear.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the side mirror and saw the familiar reflection that had so taken me by surprise before. I was a stunning, heavily made up brunette with long, flowing hair that was now being blown around behind my head and slightly across my face. I awkwardly reached up and brushed the hair out of my eyes, worried that at any moment the wig might be lifted off my head by the wind. As I did so the material of the dress whipped up wildly, revealing slightly the hot red panties I was wearing underneath. My girlfriend giggled at my embarrassment - "Don't worry, we'll be on slower roads soon. Just relax, we've got a fun weekend ahead of us!"

My heart was in my mouth as I managed to choke out a response, "fun.. weekend!?" She quietly nodded as she kept driving, and then motioned to the back of the car. Confused, I turned to look over my shoulder. There, on the back seat of the car, was a large, pink suitcase that I had never seen before.

"That's right, after you told me about your secret I packed a load of my things for us to share for our weekend away! Don't worry though, that dress is yours to keep - and there'll be plenty more where that came from!"

What was she playing at? Was this some kind of twisted revenge before she broke up with me? My mind was racing with all the worst case scenarios - what if she'd taken pictures? What if everyone was waiting for me at our destination? Whatever my fate, it was well and truly in her hands and I was really scared.

It wasn't long before we took a slip road off the motorway and I was relieved as the car slowed down and the wind started to calm. I finally plucked up the courage to confront my girlfriend.

"Please, just take us home. I really don't want to be seen like this in public!"

"Relax, look at yourself! Don't you think I did a good job? You're almost hotter than I am!" She sighed at my obvious unease and briefly took my hand, which was still scrunched into a tight fist in my lap.

"Look, we're almost there now and I've put a load of effort into planning this. You're going to enjoy it, trust me."

"Wh-where are we going?"

"It's a surprise. You'll find out soon enough."

As we started to drive through some town areas the wind became far less brutal, but with it came new problems to worry about. There seemed to be pedestrians everywhere - and they could all see me! Every time we stopped I looked pointedly at my feet and the minutes seemed like hours as I willed the car to move again. For a while there was a sports car following close behind us, and I accidentally caught the driver's eye a couple of times in the mirror. As mortifying as that was, there was worse to come. We pulled up at some traffic lights and, to my horror, the car behind pulled up alongside, waiting to turn left. The driver brazenly wolf-whistled, and my girlfriend smiled and winked at him. She nudged me to say something but I sat perfectly still, staring at the floor. He was mere inches away from me and I was sure that any moment he'd work out I was a guy. The lights finally changed, and as the car tore away from us I heard the driver shout, "Lighten up, sweetheart!" My face was burning with embarrassment as my girlfriend whispered in my ear, "looks like you're making friends already!"

The rest of the journey was as uneventful as it could be given the circumstances. I was a hostage to my own girlfriend and in a body that didn't feel my own. By now I had figured out that the wig was somehow attached to my head; and as I thought back to the wet feeling around my scalp I realised it must have been glued onto me! With this came another realisation - the breast forms were glued on too and I had no access to the solvent. I was trapped in my own fantasy and I was filled with about 10 emotions at once. I felt a potent mixture of sexual excitement and unadulterated fear to which nothing in my past 19 years on Earth could remotely compare.

Any attempts I made to relax were abruptly put to an end as Kate took an unexpected left off of the main road - we were pulling into a hotel! As we rolled into the car park the reality of my situation hit me. There was no escape - no clothes, no ID, not even a way back home. Even as we pulled into a space I was willing Kate to turn around and drive out - for this all to be a prank or a lesson to snap me out of dressing. I felt sick to my stomach as my girlfriend turned off the engine and stepped out of the car.

"Honey, could you grab the suitcase? I'm going to go inside to sort out our reservation."

She shut the car door and tottered off into the hotel.

I: James' Crossdressing Fantasies

Chapter One: The Transformation

"So James, are you ready to get started?"

I could hardly believe my luck. Just days ago I finally told Kate my secret. I sat her down and told her straight about how I loved girl's clothes and the feel of them when I wore them. At the time she had quietly nodded and listened; there was no outburst, no anger or disgust. In fact, there wasn't anything at all. She just sat there quietly and let me pour my heart out, then hugged me and walked away. I assumed that was it; she had accepted my secret but had no desire to be a part of it.

But that all changed this morning. I was softly awoken by Kate and greeted with an unusual "Morning, sexy!". As I slowly came to my senses I heard her whisper in my ear, "how would you like to be a girl for the day!?" Without another word, she hauled me out of bed and led me to the bathroom. We had showered together before, but this time she had other things in mind! Once the shower was nice and warm she produced a razor, and she winked at me before crouching down and getting to work on my legs. Part of me was terrified about how I would explain this to anyone that noticed, but the far larger part of me was incredibly excited and wanted to see where this was leading!

After a long and unforgettable shower, Kate disappeared into the bedroom whilst I dried myself off. My underwear was nowhere to be seen, and as I made my way into the bedroom my jaw dropped. Spread all over the bed were the sorts of clothes I had only ever dreamed of! How was this happening? I had been so sure Kate's reaction was to take a back seat in all this, but now here I was; her standing opposite me with all manner of girly things spread over the bed, offering to spend the afternoon making me over. What had I done to deserve this girl!?

"Lookin' good girl! Your legs look smooooth." I felt myself blushing hard as she approached me. "How does that feel?" She asked, slowly working her hand up my newly shaven legs. I was shocked by how smooth they felt when just moments ago they had been covered in hair. Then she handed me a pair of red panties.

"Let's get that covered up," she said, looking pointedly between my legs. "Every woman needs a reliable pair of panties!"

If I was red before I felt like my face was on fire now. I meekly stepped into the garment and pulled them up, tucking myself in so everything fit snugly. Kate smiled and guided me into a chair at the front of the room. I was sat at a small desk with a mirror and a vanity case on the side. "Now, if you want this to work you're going to have to trust me. Close your eyes," she whispered, "this may take a while."

I sat with my eyes closed as I felt her prodding and dabbing at my face with various different types of cosmetics. I always admired Kate's profession as a stylist and make-up artist. She always made her customers look and feel so beautiful. Even so... what could she do with me? I'm a guy. Make-up can't cover that up, can it?

I felt Kate applying a generous amount of lipstick to my lips. Then, without warning, she started plucking my eyebrows. Ouch!

"Sit still!" She hissed, "it'll take twice as long if you flinch." Once that painful procedure was done, I felt her curling my eyelashes; and she also dabbed something onto my eyelids. The whole thing was surreal - I sat there feeling all manor of things being smothered over my face with no idea what they were or what they looked like. By the end I felt like I was wearing a mask.

"Now, I've had to wash this especially for you and its only had an hour to dry so it might feel a little wet..." Confused, I sat perfectly still as I felt something lowered onto my head. As it pressed down over my hair I felt a wet sensation; and I also felt damp hair running down my back and the sides of my face. I felt hot air from a blow dryer being blown all over the wig; she expertly guided the air to where it was needed until the wig was bone dry. I heard a small thud from the desk before she told me I could open my eyes. I excitedly awaited my reflection as I did so - only to see that she'd turned the mirror face down! "No sneak peeks," she said, "you'll get to see yourself when I'm completely finished." She spun my chair around so I was facing the bed and picked up two fairly large prosthetic breasts. She giggled as she applied some glue to the back of them and thrust them towards me. "Here," she said, "I'll let you choose where these go!"

"But... how will I get them off?" I asked apprehensively. "Oh don't worry, the glue isn't long lasting. And I have this solvent, just in case. Now what did I say about trusting me..." Still nervous, but slightly reassured, I slowly pressed the left breast into my chest. The glue felt cold against my skin, and Kate reached across and held it in place with her hand so I could put the other one on too. I sat like this for 10 minutes, with Kate straddled over me pressing the breasts onto my chest as the glue dried. The only items now left on the bed were clothes; and I was delighted to see amongst them was a silky looking dress that was a bright red colour. Kate first picked up the bra and, knowing I wouldn't be able to put it on myself, she ordered me to stand up so she could attach it from behind.

For a moment everything seemed to go in slow motion. As I looked down at myself I saw a woman's body - slim, completely shaven and wearing nothing but some panties and a bra. With the forms concealed there was no telling that they weren't real breasts - they'd even begun to warm up and feel slightly real!

"OK, time for the main part of the transformation! That dress is brand new; I picked it out especially based on what you... 'like'." I felt myself blushing again as I thought back to the part where I'd told her about my dream of a silky, frilly dress. She smiled at my obvious excitement as I hurriedly held up my arms. Kate approached me and she rolled the dress up slightly before lifting it above my head. I took a deep breath as Kate let go, and felt the garment slide its way down my body. The straps came to an abrupt stop at my shoulders and the skirt danced playfully around my knees.

It was perfect. As Kate tied it up at the back it tightened slightly around my chest, hugging to my body and the fake breasts. I took a step forward and relished the feeling as the dress stroked my legs. I couldn't resist swinging my hips a little - this was even better than I had imagined! I heard Kate lifting the mirror up behind me. The moment of truth. I don't know why, but I was dreading this part. As I turned around I imagined the look of a badly made-up guy in a dress and it made me cringe.

But Kate was right when she told me to trust her. Standing in the reflection of the mirror was a tall, attractive woman. My face looked completely feminine; I was wearing mascara and deep red lipstick as well as having curled eyelashes and slightly blushed-looking cheeks. My newly plucked eyebrows were thin and extremely feminine. My hair was a deep brown and, now dry, it flowed right down to my shoulders where it sat, partially obscuring the straps of my dress. My body looked amazing in the dress - from my large breasts it hugged my slim physique and playfully wrapped around my legs; showing off my smooth, shaven shins. Wow. This was beyond a transformation - it was like a second body!

My girlfriend produced a bottle of wine and poured us both a glass. She handed me one and said, "to your first step of living out your fantasies!" Not quite sure of what this meant, but excited nonetheless, I raised my glass to hers and slowly sipped the wine until it was empty. Kate just watched and smiled, and we sat there in silence enjoying the results of her latest project. After I finished my glass, Kate took my hand.

"You might want to sit down," she advised. As I moved over to the bed I started feeling groggy; my eyes were drooping as I struggled to stay focused on the image of my girlfriend stroking my face and gazing at me with her beautiful brown eyes.

"Wh- what's..."
"Shhhh" she whispered. As I slowly lost consciousness the reality of the situation hit me.

'Must... stay awake. Can't... let anyone see me... like........'


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